Introducing the first e-bikes from Niner.

The e9 series offers two new ways to experience our uniquely #ninerd brand of freedom, fun, and adventure.

With in-house Niner engineering, best in class Bosch Performance Line drive systems, extended range batteries, and durable, creative designs, these bikes dial up the fun factor to 11.

There’s always been an “e” in Niner

 At Niner, our mission is to make riding on dirt better, period.

From “day one” in 2005, we started making 29ers because they genuinely improved our ride, allowing riders to pedal faster, smoother, farther, stronger, and feel more confident.

Today in 2020, our mission hasn’t changed. Not a bit. With the e9 series, we’re upping the fun factor, offering new ways to pedal, damn it! and maintaining our signature ride quality and Niner style.

9 things you need to know:


  • Two all-new e9 electric mountain bikes: the 150mm travel RIP e9 and 180mm travel WFO e9.
  • Fourth generation Bosch Performance Line CX motors for smooth, predictable power, lighter weight, compact size, and best in class service.
  • One-piece, cast and post-machined alloy motor mounts for strength and stiffness.
  • Integrated 625wh Power Tube batteries for extended range.
  • Built with Niner design, engineering, and DNA, for rider-focused performance and handling.
  • Tested tough for years of durability and riding duty on dirt.
  • Externally accessible downtube batteries for easy charging and transport.
  • Niner-tuned Horst link suspension systems optimize kinematics for the specific demands of eMTB riding.
  • “Right side up” trunnion mount shocks with bearings in rocker link minimize rotational friction for supple, ground-gripping suspension.

Niner x Bosch


Our new e9 series of ebikes is powered exclusively by Bosch, a global leader in ebike technology. The Bosch Performance Line CX is the best choice for Niner’s e9 series.

  • Bosch’s latest Performance Line CX Gen 4 motor is smaller by 40% and reduced in weight by 700 grams (26%) while increasing efficiency (more range for the same battery) and keeping the torque performance, compared to the prior version.


  • Bosch’s motor is the most efficient on the market today with the flattest torque curve. This means that at any cadence between 30-110rpm the torque is even and available to the rider.


  • Bosch has the most responsive (fastest processing speed) torque sensor on the market. It’s 20x faster than the nearest competitor. This means the system adds assistance faster and also shuts off faster when the rider stops pedaling.


  • Bosch’s battery is the only UL listed battery and charger on the market. We are using Bosch’s new PowerTube battery in the 625 Wh size, integrated seamlessly into the frame to optimize low center of gravity.